Wednesday, August 22, 2007

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Ran all over creation trying to get things done today...doing the do and making the moves. I have some projects I'm working on, including building my etsy shop and producing a podcast. I'm pumped!

square leather earrings, african festival 2006
jamiroquai tee, thrifted (seems to be a stencil made by a fan, cool)
leather apron belt with conchos, thrifted (looks like a tool belt, haha...actually now I want to find a tool belt)
longchamp tote, thrifted
batik bellbottoms, rummaged during college move-out
yellow ultrasuede wedges, gift from aunt in ft. lauderdale

Today's song is "Morning Star" by Kool and the Gang, another great single I recently aquired on 45. :o)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ok, I'm trying over. My last blog could have been a contender, but now it's a nobody because I deleted it! Oh well. My words, like so many others spoken or written before, have gone back to the ether. But seriously, I want to produce a blog of better quality than the previous, and to use the medium more wisely. So check back with me frequently as I build my blog.

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